9 months and 37 stories about the Serra de Tramuntana, published in the local press each Sunday. There are many more possible stories, but just 37 were published. They begin with an image of Palma - of a monument dedicated to a poet - and end with another, on another point of the island looking toward Formentor, with a family as the protagonists. Between them, you climb up and down, and go forward and backward and right and left, walking, sailing and swimming... above all else, enjoying the Serra de Tramuntana. The stories talk of writers, scientists, mariners, filmmakers, tower keepers, anarchists, entrepreneurs, actors, religious figures, a philosopher, painters, a sponge fisherman, wooden boat builders, mountain enthusiasts, ice makers, an empress and an archduke, smugglers, wine-makers, lichen gatherers, olive pickers, printers, soldiers, a musician, pioneers, foreigners who came, Mallorcans who went, entrepreneurial women, and emblematical families.